Ryan Robinson

Digital Development Coordinator, Canadian Bible Society

Ryan works as the Digital Development Coordinator for the Canadian Bible Society. This role includes developing, managing, and distributing a variety of digital content including websites and eBooks. Ryan also provides support for several Office365 internal communications and productivity tools including SharePoint and Yammer.

Freelance Website Design - Alliteration Applications

Ryan feels quite at home with a variety of technology and holdsĀ a Bachelor of Computing Honours in Cognitive Science from Queen's University. Along with his primary work for the Canadian Bible Society, Ryan carries out a range of website design projects under the registered business nameĀ Alliteration Applications.

Theologian - Anabaptist Redux and MennoNerd

Ryan is educated with a Master of Divinity from Queen's School of Religion in Kingston, Ontario and loves to take part in theological discussion as well as practical Christian ministry. He blogs theology and Christian life at "Anabaptist Redux."

Along with his own blog, Ryan co-founded the MennoNerds blogging network. He now serves in a volunteer capacity on the editorial board evaluating applicants, as the primary technical/website coordinator, and as the primary podast coordinator planning, organizing, recording, editing, and distributing a variety of audio and video content.