Ryan Robinson - Technology and Theology

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Ryan is a Consultant with PeaceWorks Technology Solutions in Waterloo, Ontario. PeaceWorks helps advance the mission of non-profit and for-profit organizations through support for all of their Information Technology needs. Working in close relationship with clients, Ryan is primarily responsible for website design and Customer/Client Relationship Management (CRM) software.

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Ryan has completed a range of freelance projects in the areas of website design, website hosting, and Microsoft Office365 administration. He operates under the registered business name Alliteration Applications*. Ryan prides himself on his work being dependable with 10+ years of experience, accessible to all users, created in direct and clear communication with the client, easy for the client to manage directly, and high quality.

*Note: Some older projects were completed under different names or no name at all but they were all implemented by Ryan alone.

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Ryan loves to take part in theological discussion as well as practical Christian ministry. He blogs theology and Christian life at "Anabaptist Redux."

Along with his own blog, Ryan co-founded the MennoNerds blogging network. He now serves in two key roles:

  1. the primary technical/website coordinator, responsible for the ongoing maintenance and hosting of the website, support to other users, and occasional theme updates
  2. the primary podast coordinator, responsible for planning, organizing, recording, editing, and distributing audio and video content.


For more detailed information about Ryan, visit his LinkedIn profile.